Oplumi T8 LED Lamps

Oplumi T8 LED Lamps

Oplumi T8 LED Lamps 2ft/4ft/4ft High Lumen

The Oplumi T8 LED lamps is a direct replacement for T8 fluorescent tube. Oplumi LED is designed to provide energy saving, long-lasting and green alternative to traditional T8 fluorescent tubue. Oplumi provides good lighting performance and efficacy to give fast ROI to our customers. Suitable for indoor applications such as office, shops and corridor lightings.


  • High Power efficacy and long life span
  • Standard T8 size
  • Sophisticated diffuser
  • Mercury and lead are not present
  • LM-80 Compliance – lighting class LED Chipset


  • Retrofittable, without need to change existing fixture
  • Up to 25,000 operation hours, reducing maintenance costs
  • Minimal glare without any noticeable hot spots
  • Light up Instantly
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March 25, 2016