Cabled 2000SF (NEW PRODUCT!)

Cabled 2000SF (NEW PRODUCT!)

Cabled is a patented LED light strip which is designed for indirect and creative lighting applications. Cabled combines Cabled and LED technologies providing exclusive multi-displinary features in one product. Key features of Cabled 2000 includes high lumen of up to 800 lumen output per metre, seamless and continuous length applications up to 10-20m* per single driver, weatherproof and energy efficient, UV and flame retardant as well as its flexibility to cut and reconnect up to every segments of 250mm (4W/6W) and 175mm (8W).

Cabled LED light strip is available in 4W/6W/8W and IP65/IP68 customizable.

The ultra-slim profile of 2000SF allows for installation in almost any narrow or limited space that could not be otherwise illuminated.

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Our cabled series also comes with mounting and connecting accessories which can be found here. 


  • All weather resistant (up to IP68)

  • Available in Warm white (2700K), Bright White (3000K), Natural White (4000K) and Daylight (6500K)
  • Conforms to IP68 waterproof standard.
  • UV & salt-water resistant
  • Strip can be freely customised to suit diverse purpose

  • Great flexibility and slim profile for sleek design

  • Dimmable
  • Complete modular lighting solution with inter-connecting accessories

  • Simple plug-&-play connections

  • Strip can be cut and reconnect in intervals of 250mm, 35.7 pitch (4W, 6W) and 175mm, 25mm pitch (8W). 

  • Up to 400lm (4W), 600lm (6W) and  800lm (8W). 


  • Flexibility and unique properties leads itself to creative lighting design

  • Illuminates dark spots when using on furniture and cabinets

  • Easy installation

  • Safe, virtually unbreakable and free of harmful substances
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April 15, 2016