Cabled 6000MC

Cabled 6000MC

Cabled is a patented LED Linear strip which is designed for indirect and creative lighting applications. Cabled combines Cabled and LED technologies providing exclusive multi-displinary features in one product. Key features of Cabled 6000MC includes high lumen of up to 1000 lumen output per metre, seamless and continuous length applications up to 10m per single driver, weatherproof and energy efficient, UV and flame retardant as well as its flexibility to cut and reconnect up to every 30mm segments. In comparison to other LED light strip models, Cabled 6000MC has 2 LEDs per segment.

6000MC is a perfect solution for cove, cornice and architectural lighting. It can be cut and reconnected every 30mm pitch and comes with an easy terminal type connection allowing simple installation.

Available in both IP65 and IP68

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Our cabled series also comes with mounting and connecting accessories which can be found here. 


  • All weather resistant (up to IP68)

  • UV & salt-water resistant

  • Can be freely customised to suit diverse purpose

  • Comes with adjustable mounting brackets for directional illumination

  • Complete modular lighting solution with inter-connecting accessories

  • Simple plug-&-play connections

  • Strip can be cut and reconnect in intervals of 30mm, 30mm pitch.

  • Up to 1000lm @ 9.6W


  • Easy connection with minimum tools
  • Simple accessories to fulfill different application needs
  • High brightness continuous linear light for traditional T5 tube replacement.
  • An ideal solution for cove, cornice and architectural lighting.
Illustration by gravity

April 15, 2016