Make the Most of Lights

Our goal is to help our customers reduce their energy and operational costs. Increase productivity and cut carbon emissions across the globe by creating the most advanced and effective LED lighting products available.

Make the Most of Lights

Lumica believes LED lighting can help companies maximize the potential benefits of LED. By combining the most advanced digital control, thermal management and lighting fixture designs with international quality standards and performance, our LED lighting products provides the most versatile and cost effective solutions in the market.

Integrated Services

We offer a comprehensive chain of services such as helping companies to achieve a Green Mark ratings awarded by Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Lux and Power Budget calculation which are customized to fit your project needs and providing technical support from our team of product specialists.

Eco Friendly & Energy Savings

With the usage of LED lightings, it not only cuts carbon emissions across the globe, it can provide lighting solutions for companies to reduce operating costs and energy consumption.

Our Key Products

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Our Projects & Clients

With our extensive experience, we ensure the highest quality and the most satisfactory one-stop, total solution for all our customers.